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The engineering construction kit for truss girders and shoring towers in medium-heavy brigde construction

ALPHAKIT is the new construction kit for shoring solutions for bridges up to 25 m height and span. The system features few lightweight individual components and quick-connect fitting pins.

With only few individual components and fast assembly, ALPHAKIT provides a high level of efficiency when erecting medium-heavy supporting scaffolds in bridge construction. Complete girder packages and towers can be pre-assembled on the ground by hand. This considerably reduces the crane requirements.

In contrast to conventional solutions with many screw connections, ALPHAKIT only needs 2 fitting pins for the nodal junctions.

PERI product development gave highest priority to a reduced number of different parts, e.g. the same profiles for girders and shoring towers. Compared to conventional systems of other manufacturers, ALPHAKIT constructions also weigh approx. 30 % less.

With this supplement to the supporting shoring, PERI now offers the suitable solution for civil engineering projects in growth markets.

Main advantages

Easy pre-assembly

without a crane with easy to handle, lightweight individual components

Fast assembly

due to high load-bearing fasteners with only 2 fitting pins per connection

Only few components

with variable application make the system simple and cost-efficient

The nodal junctions of ALPHAKIT are realised with fitting pins.

Thus, the connection is very easy and particularly fast, no need for time consuming screwing.

The fact that only 2 fitting pins are required for the connections saves a lot of working time during the pre-assembly of the girders or shoring towers.

ALPHAKIT can be pre-assembled on the ground by hand – no crane required.

The head spindle is assembled just as quickly.

A mounted girder before it is lifted into position.