PERI MAXIMO at bauma 2019


With the launch of the MAXIMO panel formwork, PERI introduced the systematics of single-sided tie technology to the market more than 10 years ago. Since then, the panel formwork has been steadily extended. At bauma 2019, additional system components are being presented that enhance the principle of single-sided operations.

Although the MAXIMO has long been established in the market, changing construction methods or the continuous search for more efficient operating possibilities are constantly placing new demands on formwork manufacturers. As is customary, PERI has responded in meeting this challenge with the new development of additional components where real benefits have been created for the user.

Single-sided usability of the primary formwork – also in confined spaces

An important addition in 2019 is a new type of push-pull prop connection which is mounted on the side of the formlining. This means that can be higher, extended primary formwork units can be supported in the inner area of the construction pit. Up to now, the challenge of this situation has been solved only using complex measures. The new component now ensures safe and fast execution without, among other things, requiring the creation of a working area in the cramped construction pit. The same goal – namely, unrestricted use of the primary formwork in narrow workspaces or sheet piling – follows the realisation of this new element connection. Furthermore, PERI will be unveiling a new wall formwork console bracket at bauma 2019.

MAXIMO climbed even faster

The enhanced use of the MAXIMO panel formwork in climbing applications was followed by another development project. With a new corner solution, the external corner can now be easily opened and the formwork retracted. The new system component thus provides a simple solution in the system thus avoiding the need for any special solutions or a system mix. The new external corner solution is compatible with the PERI CB, SCS, RCS climbing systems as well as with the range of ACS versions.