Exhibits at bauma


Here we are building up a list of exhibits for you, which will be shown at bauma 2019.

SKYDECK for easy and safe assembly. The panels lock in place in the teeth and don’t sway anymore. Also unskilled staff can learn to handle it very quickly.


For the proven SKYDECK system, the SKY Anchor facilitates safe shuttering operations from above.

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Digital solutions

Whoever would like to find out more on how digitization is making project realisation faster, easier and safer today, then the PERI exhibition hall at bauma 2019 is exactly the place to visit.

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With the PERI Extended Experience App, 3D visualisations of construction projects can also be displayed on mobile devices.
PERI provides comprehensive support for its customers through all project phases with products, systems and services.

Integrated Service

PERI will be presenting a comprehensive range of services at bauma 2019 that have been designed to support customers in all project phases.

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The further development of a successful concept - now also easy to repair and quickly plan

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With the DUO Planner, formwork solutions can be quickly planned and without requiring any complex software. All users directly provide PERI with feedback along with their requirements for using the tool. On this basis, the application is being continuously improved.
PERI UP Flex Modular Working Scaffold: Toe boards with lengths in the modular dimensions limit the decking areas.


The solution for outstanding flexibility in scaffolding construction - PERI up modular scaffolding kit: less is more.

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Single-sided forming operations fully thought through – logical supplementary components

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With MAXIMO, PERI set a new standard in the industry a few years ago with the single-sided tie technology
With PERI UP Easy, the focus is on safe assembly operations: in addition, it offers safety in the system itself because the guardrail for the next level is mounted from the scaffolding level below with the Easy Frame and without requiring any additional components.


The design concept of the facade scaffold system with the Easy Frame combines safety and cost-effectiveness

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