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Innovative products for efficient working

A continuous dialogue with our customers is decisive for product development at PERI. This forms the basis for intelligently designed products and systems with convincing details, which meet the requirements of the markets. 

Finding the optimal formwork and scaffolding solution for every individual construction job is influenced by many factors and framework conditions, which differ strongly depending on the project and location. This is the reason why PERI analyzes construction styles and procedures in many different countries and then develops products and systems particularly catered for them.

At bauma 2019 in Munich, our experts will be presenting the latest innovations and developments in formwork and scaffolding technology. Convince yourself in a personal conversation about the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of our products.

History of PERI innovations

2016 to 2019

  • PERI UP Easy Frame Scaffold
  • DUO System Formwork
  • ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing System


DUO System Formwork

The universal lightweight formwork for walls, foundations, columns and slabs

2013 to 2015

  • MAXIMO Bracket
  • MAXIMO MX 18 Tie Technology
  • SKYDECK Handrail Unit
  • PEP Ergo Slab Prop For use up to Load Class E
  • LPS Screen
  • SCS Single-Sided Climbing System
  • VARIOKIT Balance Cantilever Equipment
  • VARIOKIT Heavy-Duty Truss Girder
  • Brackets for LGS Weather Protection Roof
  • ULS Flex Lattice Girder


SCS Single-Sided Climbing System

Stable and flexible brackets for single-sided applications

2010 to 2012

  • UNO Monolithic Housing Formwork
  • MAXIMO MXP Platform
  • VARIODECK Slab Table
  • VARIOKIT Parapet Track
  • VARIOKIT Heavy-Duty Shoring Tower
  • PEP Ergo Tubular Steel Slab Props
  • MAXIMO MXSE Shaft Element



With UNO, walls, columns, slabs, beams and stairways are realised using the monolithic construction method

2005 to 2009

  • MPB 24 Aluminium Beam
  • RCS Climbing System
  • MAXIMO Panel Formwork
  • VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit
  • GRIDFLEX Slab Formwork
  • PERI UP Rosett Flex Industrial Scaffolding


MAXIMO Panel Formwork

Time-saving forming with MX tie technology for best concrete finishes

1995 to 2004

  • DK / SK Tie Technology
  • DOMINO Panel Formwork
  • TRIO Housing
  • VT Table Module
  • FB 180 Folding Platform
  • PEP Tubular Steel Slab Prop
  • TRIO Shaft Element
  • VARIO QUATTRO Column Formwork
  • TRIO Platform
  • SKYTABLE Slab Table
  • PERI CAD Planning Software
  • PERI UP Frame and Modular Scaffolding


PERI UP Frame Working Scaffold T 72, T 104

Working Scaffold with guardrails in advance

1980 to 1994

  • MODUL Aluminium Slab Formwork
  • RAPID Aluminium Column Formwork
  • GT 24 Wooden Lattice Girder
  • SKS Single-Sided Climbing Formwork
  • TRIO Panel Formwork
  • RUNDFLEX Girder Circular Formwork
  • CB Climbing Scaffold
  • ACS Self-Climbing System
  • SKYDECK Aluminium Slab Formwork
  • MULTIPROP System
  • ELPOS Planning Software
  • HD 200 Heavy-Duty Props


SKYDECK Panel Slab Formwork

The lightweight and proven aluminium panel slab formwork with short shuttering times

1969 to 1979

  • T 70V Wooden Lattice Girder
  • KG 240 Climbing Scaffold
  • STERA Panel Formwork
  • GRV Articulated Waler for Circular Structures
  • KGF 240 Climbing and Travelling Formwork
  • PD 8 Shoring Tower
  • STERA PLUS Panel Formwork
  • VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork
  • AKF Tie-Less Climbing Formwork


VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork

Flexible girder wall formwork, also for high-grade architectural concrete surfaces